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" 1411 is a number which should ring alarm bells in every ones mind " said the finance minister at a budget speech two years ago. He was referring to the present Tiger population in India .

100 years ago we had more than 50,000 Tigers in India. Where have they vanished?
Whilst its easy to say that poaching is the main reason. One must also look at other reasons as well. Loss of habitat due to unplanned expansions of cities leads to shrinkage of forests. This promotes man animal conflicts which often lead to the extinction of the species.

Its also a fact that many Tigers and Leopards are lost due to poisoning. The villagers poison the carcass . The Tiger when it returns the next day, and consumes the poisoned meat , dies . The villager is an instant rich man. He earns manifold from the sale of the Skin, bones , nails etc and also saves his cattle from another Tiger attack.

If the villagers are properly educated and reimbursed for their losses we can reduce the killing. Once their cattle is killed by a tiger, they seldom get compensated by the Govt . And that happens not before many months of running around.

Coimbatore ACME Round Table # 133 compensates villagers for their losses of livestock due to Tiger ,Leopard kills within days of notice. This prevents them from poisoning the carcass thereby saving the Tiger.

CART # 133, raises funds from well wishers and by the sale of an unique lapel pin to supplement this unique project.

Project Tiger has been in operation for the past two years with several success stories to report. 


The details of the compensation are as follows
Amount compensated for Buffalo kills = 6 nos * Rs 4000 = Rs 24,000 /-
Amount compensated for Cow kills = 3 nos * Rs3500 = Rs 10,500 /-
Amount compensated for Ox kills = 3 nos * Rs 4500 = Rs 13,500 /-
Amount compensated for Goat kills = 2 nos * Rs 2000 = Rs 4000 /-
Total compensation amount = Rs 52,000 /-


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